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Brandon Morrell, current host of "The Sports Guys" Podcast has been in the field of radio broadcasting for many years and has held several jobs in radio from programming, production, sales, and marketing, along with hosting his own sports shows in various radio markets. Brandon is from Beaumont, Texas, and grew up on music and sports from an early age and knew that he wanted to be a broadcaster from an early age.

The Sports Guys Podcast is a sports and music podcast hosted by Brandon Morrell, Nick Canizales, and correspondent Andy McCall. We cover sports on a state, regional, and national level, with many of the biggest names in the sports industry. The Sports Guys also host a Backstage Pass segment where they go behind the scenes and talk with the top up and coming artists from all over the world, in all genres of music. The backstage pass provides a more in-depth look at the musicians’ rise in music as they talk about their career and tell their stories about their music to share with their fans!


Thank you for having David Ball on your show. I know we had to make you wait awhile, since his interview schedule was so stacked with record promotion surrounding the most recent Uncle Walt’s Band reissue on Omnivore Recordings. Bev sent me your podcast and i just listened to it. I think it turned out great. I was banking on the fact that David loves the Beaumont area, and now you know how much! You almost couldn’t shut him up! And you even got him to talk sports which is pretty much a first.

We had a chance to catch up with a group of very talented individuals at the show in Lake Charles on Sept. 14th! Comedians Red Squirrel, Gary Cargal and Darren Knight aka Southern Momma! It was a great night of fun and comedy! Thank you so much for having us as guests and for being on The Sports Guys Podcast!

"The Backstage Pass show powered by and presented by Ermis Double E Grocery and goes behind the scenes with many of the biggest artists in all genres of music! Brandon and Nick talk about the artists music and highlight their career by letting them to talk about why they chose music as a a career and we also feature two songs by the artist and discuss why those songs were written! We also talk about other fun topics in a rapid fire segment that discusses the musicians hobbies along with favorite movies or restaurants!

Some artists also do Facebook live takeover shows from the shows Facebook page @backstage pass 409! Be sure and tune into The Backstage Pass powered by!"

Deanna Wheeler
The Backstage Pass show powered by and presented by Toir Guitars, Ermis Double E Grocery and goes behind the scenes with many of the biggest artists in all genres of music! Brandon Morrell, co-hosts Deanna Wheeler and Nick Canizales

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Thanks the artist is Jayne Denham

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